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Malecare Prostate Cancer Support is launching  a new prostate cancer awareness campaign called, TOPOFF, (http://topoff.org ) drawing attention to the need for better diagnostics, better treatments and better understanding of prostate cancer.  There are many ways to build awareness.  We think the hardest way is to expose yourself, to put your body on the line and say to the world, this is who I am. I matter. Fighting Prostate Cancer matters.
We take our cue from female Breast Cancer survivors who post selfies of themselves, bald because of their chemo treatment.  We are equally bold, brave and honored by our treatment choices and desire to raise awareness about our disease.
Part’s One and Two of the TOPOFF Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaignbegins now!
Part One of TOPOFF asks men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their allies and supporters to take photographs (selfies) of themselves with their shirts off, upload them to http://topoff.org or email them to: topoff@malecare.org
Both print and broadcast journalists have already expressed interest in the TOPOFF campaign and prostate cancer.  So, take your selfies and send’em to topoff@malecare.org  Your name and identifying info will Not be attached to your photo.
Part Two of TOPOFF asks for  3-5 men to volunteer to be profiled, with your names attached. We will take high end, editorial style pictures of you for TOPOFF. We will then create an accompanying article on each of you and your journey with prostate cancer.
You need to be willing to be photographed with your shirt off, share your story in a professional interview and allow us to use your name in the media. You can be one of the men who also share a picture on the TOPOFF website.
Please consider this truly unique approach to building prostate cancer awareness.   If you are willing to be in Part Two, Contact me right away,  by email: darrylm@malecare.org

Malecare is the national men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy nonprofit organization.   You can learn more about Malecare at http://malecare.org  .